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6 week fit challenge

Are you tired of giving up on your fitness/health goals? This 6 week program is designed for you! In just 6 week you can look and feel better!!!  

Reward your dedication

This boot-camp puts science and strength together to come up with a bulletproof plan. Show up 3 times a week for 45 minutes and let our professionals do the rest!

it's fun

With each workout being different and following the correct progressions you will never get bored or over-train doing this! Not to mention the free 1-on-1 nutrition consultation to assure you fuel your body they way you should!

It's Science

HyperFit is about putting science into your training. No more guess work, no more just training until it hurts, and no more looking the same every year! Pick up the phone and call us for your results today! 


Sign up through January to get 20% off and crush your goals this year! And ask us about our referral program!


Q: What is the referral program?

A: great question, for every person you bring to join the 6 week fit challenge you get $50 off! with NO limitations. 

Q: What do you mean by putting "science into training"

A: The trainers use the individuals anatomy (narrow hips, short arms, long torsos, etc...) to make sure each client optimizes their own movement! Also we take out exercises that put more unwanted force to the body than wanted. ie leg extension, the exercise is a great quadriceps developer, however, when done in full range of motion the exercise causes a sheering force on the ACL! etc...

We also have personal training available for as low as $40. Visit the sign-up page to find out more.



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Sign Up Today for a 20% Discount!  Do the challenge, and build the best YOU possible! 

Challenge includes 3 45 minute training classes a week for 6 weeks. Classes are designed to get you to your goals and are run by our head trainer, certified and with a decade of experience, with top reviews from people just like you. 

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Couples Signup (20% OFF)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

(Normal Price is $900)
Sign up as a couple, or as friends, and get a better deal!  

Get in shape together! 

Those that work out together, stay together!